Hi there 👋🏾, my name is

Tolulope Odueke

A full-stack web developer located in Lagos, Nigeria. I



and develop products aimed at delivering great experiences for users. I enjoy creating highly interactive user interfaces and also optimizing web applications to make them highly scalable and lightweight leveraging tools such as ReactJS, NextJS, NodeJS and other related technologies.


Recent Projects

NIBSS Self Service

Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System is the leading payment switch operator in Nigeria, We built an application to let users manage the services and resources they have access to
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iHug Healthcare

iHug is a RideShare application for healthcare services located in California, USA. I worked on the integration of Stripe API's to enable partner payments
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Kathekon provides grants to organisations seeking to transform society through evidence-driven investments in education, social welfare, and civil society. While Nigeria is a current focus, we seek to impact the world through Africa.
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About Me

I am a Software engineer with over 3 years of experience in building products, using industry-standard best practices and methods while leveraging tools that help to guarantee software quality without sacrificing productivity. Throughout my career over the years, I have built a couple of large scale enterprise-level software and fintech applications that has helped several companies achieve their bottom line while also guaranteeing user satisfaction.

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+234 906 088 1608

One More Thing...

I listen to music a lot, most especially in moments when I am getting work done, the music I listen to greatly enhances my productivity and so on that note, here are some of my top tracks on Apple Music over the years!